Airsoft guns are the most vital part of airsoft. But players need to be careful when choosing airsoft guns for themselves (socomtactical). At first, you have to decide the purpose of purchasing the gun and then the role you like to play. But remember that the choice is yours.

Here are some points you need to consider while choosing the right gun for you.

Cost factor

Set up your mind about how much you want to spend on the airsoft gun before start finding the best one ( But you will just spend a lot because you have the capability that will not make a sound. You have to be sure about your involvement in the game. Beginners should buy a cheap gun for their practice and then gradually level up the quality as per their performance and budget.


Your play style will affect your choice of an airsoft gun. The main two branches of the game are CQB and field. CQB is close – quarter’s battle that will be easier to play with a short gun means an airsoft gun with folding stock or shorter barrel. Like this, when someone is playing field, he or she needs a longer barrel for accurate shots. Another two types are Casual and Mil-sim. In casual play, the atmosphere is quite relaxed and no hard and fast rule of gear. But mil-sim is cautious about the gear. Players can only use high capacity magazines only if they have high-quality guns with them.

Operating system

When you select an airsoft gun, you must be aware of how different types of guns operate. There are mainly three types –

  • Gas Blowback – The gas-powered guns are usually expensive but a great performer. Green gas, Propane, or CO2 are largely used as airsoft gun gas in the cartridges. Like a real gun, a gas-powered gun will recoil after every shot. Gas guns are mainly pistols, but you can find smgs and gas rifles also. But in some weather condition, these guns are not performing well that may be problematic for the players.
  • Spring – These guns are not as popular as the other two because of their low price and cheap quality. Spring guns are mainly pistol and sniper rifles ( Before every shot, pull the cocking mechanism based on the spring. Sniper rifle is a good choice for professionals.
  • AEG/AEP (Electrically powered guns) – These guns are the most popular and reliable guns mainly for the beginners. They are run by 8.4V rechargeable batteries. AEGs are the most available type of airsoft guns, and they are better than gas-operated guns. No special maintenance is required for these guns, but in the case of any problem, it’s hard to repair.